The Rodger Federer Story by Rene Stauffer

17 Apr

Tennis has been in my family for a really long time. My mom used to play with her mother and she tried desperately to get all of us (me and my 3 siblings) to play and love it as well. Well, I hated it. I am horrible at most sports. This is due to my coordination issues and the fact that I just never gave a crap about any sport long enough to give it an honest effort. I may love my trails and my outdoor activities, but running for running’s sake, or even to get the ball to the opponents net, was never fun for me. Growing up in my house it was almost like being forced to watch tennis. It was the only thing on the tv during the US Open. It never mattered what was going on outside of tennis during that time. So I grew to resent it. I have issues with being made to do things I don’t want to do. My mother (and yes all the tennis in my life revolved around my mother) has gone to the US Open every year since she was very little. At first it was her mom that took her and then, once married, it was my dad that took her. Since my dad hated the games, when we were old enough she started taking us in rotation. One year my brother, then the next year my sister, and so on. Well I never joined the rotation. The rest of them always wanted to go and I hated the idea of it, so why waste really expensive tickets on me.

Well 3 years ago none of my siblings could go. So as an act of kindness and a way to better bond with my mother I told her that I would love to go with her. I spent the weeks (HA it was really days) prior learning about the sport, all the rules, how they score, and I followed the progression of that year’s US Open. That way I wouldn’t be clueless while I was there. Which would have been horrible since my mom knew so much about the sport and all of the people playing it. Well this research of mine was my undoing. I have become obsessed. I now watch more tennis than anyone in my family. I know more of the players and about more of the tournaments. Thankfully I also now get the tennis network on my tv, or I would just be lost.

In the pursuit of my obsession (and actually as a gift to my mom, who hated it and half way through gave it to me) I bought “The Rodger Federer Story” by Rene Stauffer.  Now I don’t know if this is because while Rodger did agree to interview for this book, he didn’t really want anyone to know anything about his personal life, or if it is because the author just didn’t ask the right questions, but reading this book was very much like watching a match. I guess it is also possible that he just didn’t have any kind of life outside of tennis or even inside, and I have to say barely any actually feelings at all. The book pretty much just goes from this matches score to that matches score and where he is ranked in the world now and who his competitors are. I read every page of this book hoping that the next page would say something about Rodger the person. Not just his scores in a match. And really I have to say that the phrase “This was the best match of his career” was used an offal lot. He had a lot of “best matches of his career”. That’s like having 3 favorite colors. Just pick one people, that’s how BEST works. So yes, while the book was a disappointment to me it is nice to know a little bit more about Rodger, or at least his previous scores. =) I hope that the next biography/autobiography that I read is more entertaining.

My next book will be fluff. One of my murder mysteries, my beach books as I call them.


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