Finally a day of Spring!

04 Apr

Tomorrow it will feel like winter again, but for today it is spring! The windows are open, I get to wear my flip flops again, I am a happy camper. : )

Things are going smoothly for me right now. I seem to be getting over the whole, getting tired at the drop of a hat thing. I thought that I was just going to be dealing with that now for the rest of my life, but it turns out that that goes away just like everything else. Dare I say that I actually feel normal?

This weekend, and probably every weekend for the foreseeable future, was very busy with kid activities and house projects. But the most exciting part was not that I got to go on my son’s first retreat with him or that my front garden is now surrounded with a beautiful stone wall. It is that on Sunday night I could still walk in a straight line. There was a freeing moment for me on Sunday when while standing on the truck unloading stones I said “screw you MS!”. : ) I am very happy to be able to do the things that I used to do without needing a nap afterwards. I am really hoping that this boat stays on a steady course for a long time to come.

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Posted by on April 4, 2011 in Life with MS


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