The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

15 Mar

My boys and I went for a walk in the park the other day. We stopped at the lake to watch the swans and when my little ones decided to try to get a better look, this swan (above picture) chased us out of the park. Swans are so territorial, and they look so even tempered and peaceful.

So….. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.

What can I say about this book?

It was a very good book. I still had a hard time containing my anger. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but somehow the torture of innocent people makes me furious. Even if it is for our (LOL the people in the book’s) enjoyment. I really liked the last half of the book though. Especially the ending. It was definitely abrupt, which of course now has me wanting to run to the bookstore to get the next one. But I really liked that Beauty was starting to show some defiance. There were a lot of other things that I liked about this book but I really don’t feel comfortable writing about that on a public blog. So for those of you that have read this book I’m sure that you already know of these pages. And if you haven’t read it then maybe it is time for a trip to your local bookstore. The trick to not letting the anger, that is impossible to avoid in the beginning of this book, show in irrational ways in your real life, is to just read it fast. If you can get through it quickly then you won’t start yelling at unsuspecting strangers like I do. Because I’m sure the guy who parked next to me in his Lime green mustang did not appreciate my comments to my son about his car. 🙂

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