10 Mar

I finally finished Huck Finn. Thankfully someone shot Tom for me. That was nice.

Before I start my next book I have a confession to make. I have read a few books that I just could not bring myself to finish.

First there was a book called “Moo” I don’t remember the author and I sold it to a used book store (well exchanged, but that is neither here nor there). It was horrible. I got about half way through and realized that (like the play “Cats”) there was no plot. The entire book was about introducing new characters and telling us how they relate. Well I want my characters to actually do something. It’s nice to get to know them but for them to just drop off the map so that we can meet a new character is very aggravating. I want them to do something or have something done to them. But please let something HAPPEN.

Then, and most recently there was Ulysses by James Joyce. I didn’t make it very far in this one. Actually I am on page 67. It was part of my reading the classics that I haven’t read yet. Now I still have this book and as you can see, I still have my bookmark in place because I will probably force myself to finish reading it. But it was the most boring 67 pages I have ever read. And I read (and finished) Anna Karenina. However at the end of that book I wanted to push her onto the tracks myself. Talk about the most selfish obnoxious character of all time. I still think that it was worth torturing through though and I do recommend it as an educational read. If for no other reason than to fully grasp the desire to push her yourself. I am pretty sure that these books have movies attached to them, but I haven’t seen them. There are only 2 books (series) that I think have ever translated well from book to movie (or at least of the ones that I have seen). The first one was Lord of the Rings and even that I think should have stayed true to the ending. And Harry Potter which I LOVE!

So last but not least is an Anne Rice book (I know I can’t believe it either). It is the Sleeping Beauty series. I read through most of the first one and stopped b/c I was becoming a disaster to be around. If a book makes me mad that feeling leaks into my real life and I am unlivable. And as it was a book that made me furious I had to stop reading it. However a friend recently challenged me to finish reading it and then move on to the rest of the series. SO I am going to give it another shot. I do see it as a personal flaw to have any Anne Rice books out there that I haven’t read yet. Unfortunately after looking up the rest of that particular series I found that there are 5, that’s FIVE, Anne Rice books that I have yet to read. One of which being an autobiography. How did I miss that? Seriously! SO now I have my work cut out for me. I am going to start with “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty”. I do warn anybody that reads this book though. It is not for the faint of heart. 🙂

If anybody else has any suggestions for me, feel free to let me know. Hopefully I will only have good things to say in my next post.

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