Good Day

20 Jan

Ok so I was having a really good day.

I have referred to having MS (relapse free MS) as affecting you a lot like being pregnant.

Increased clumsiness, tired all the time, and so pissed off at the stupidness of it all that you just eat everything you see.

Or at least that is how it has been for me.

Well as of this morning, I have officially lost all of the McDonalds, D&Ds, and pasta take out that my diagnosis brought onto my plate. So that was a happy moment. I really liked the scale this morning.

And then I went to story time with my son. Where one of the other mothers started telling me about all the people in their life that have MS. Of course all of these people have Progressive MS. They are pretty much immobile on their own, and horribly sad stories. Now, I do feel bad for these people. Especially since MS isn’t their only problem. But wow what a pep talk that was for me. It did bring something up that I never considered. Not being able to feed myself. I wonder if that happens to people a lot. How exactly does that happen? Is it because your arms don’t work anymore? I have considered having to eat only liquid things because of swallowing (shut up) issues. But not being able to feed myself brings a whole new level of concern.

–        Momentary insert – do all newly diagnosed get paranoid like this?

I have visions of me needing something reminiscent of a hamster watering bottle. 🙂 I really don’t like the idea of being dependent on someone else for something as simple as feeding myself. Although, I have to say that it would do wonders for my diet. 🙂 See there is always a silver lining. My mom and I had a really good laugh about the hamster thing and her vision of me asking for a chip every five seconds. I guess junk food would be out. 🙂

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