It’s Amazing!

23 Dec

It’s Christmas! And it is absolutely amazing that we got everything done. I don’t know how Rich does it but everything seems to have fallen into place. He got a new job with what so far seems to be a good company. My bedroom is finally like a little haven for us. We had 5 years of walls that were all different colors, horrible ones like mauve and some nasty dusty green color mixed with an attempt to cover it up with this smokers yellow color. And the living room is done. And oh yes we tackled crown molding. It took a couple of fights where OF COURSE I was right! And one sleepless night of how the hell do you make that corner work. But in the end the room is beautiful. I am very happy with the colors even though we had a hell of a time picking them out. I really hate the name of the color in the living room. So I changed it. It was Burnt Almond (horrible) but I think that it looks more like Café au Latte. But maybe that’s just my coffee obsession talking. 🙂 I do feel like my painting of Café du Monde looks much more at home though.

So right now, this Christmas, I have nothing to complain about. Right now the grass is just as green on my side of the fence. I hope that everyone else’s holiday is full of magic! And I am still dreaming of a white Christmas even though the weather channel seems to be veering away from that thought process.

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Posted by on December 23, 2010 in Life with MS


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