Sometimes I can be antisocial. “No, not you!” “Yes! Me.”

22 Oct

Alright I have been playing Unabomber this week. Totally avoiding social interaction, well except for the husband and kids, but I live with them and I had no choice. And I do feel bad. I have one friend that had a tough week and I should have e-mailed or called and I didn’t. And then I have another friend that is doing so well she is posting about her happiness and I just wanted to say Shut Up! I know that’s wrong. And I haven’t posted in over a week. But here I am back to my own personal form of Therapy. Do you think it’s wrong to think about how wonderful it would be to just pick up and move into the woods? Where no one can find you and you can have a nice quite, slow life? Sometimes I feel like everything is speeding by at crazy paces and I’m missing it all. This is why I need therapy. The MS just adds a new colorful level to my neurosis. Speaking of my MS, I have still been very on a need to know basis with people and knowing about me having it. I know that eventually everyone will probably know. It’s not like it’s a secret. But for some reason it still bothers me when I find out that someone new knows. I found out after the wedding, Monday to be specific. After spending all weekend with these people. (oh the wedding was amazing by the way. I’ll get to that.) Someone told my aunt, and probably my cousins about me. At the wedding! I didn’t think that it was exactly a wedding topic. And I guess I’m not so upset that they know, more like I’m afraid that they are upset that I am not the one that told them. Of course I am being told that that is silly and that didn’t matter. No one was upset. Maybe it’s just because it’s my news to tell. And I don’t really want to tell it. I don’t want to think about what it really means for me right now. I’m still being insanely hopeful that I will just stay in remission for the rest of my life and never have to use a wheel chair. Oh and yes I almost consider myself in remission. It’s actually rare now for my eyes to bother me, instead of the other way around.

Ok I’m writing too much in one post again. Damn brain won’t shut up today. So just a quick funny from my brother’s wedding. Which I totally pulled off a skinny dress for!

We high jacked another bride’s limo.  Completely not on purpose. We came down from the room b/c the front desk had called to let us know that the limos were here. We passed a bridal party, family, bride and all, in the lobby. Walked outside, the bride and her dad got in the Rolls and we (the bridal party) got in the limo. The limo driver had been standing there with the door open and as we walked up asked if we wanted to put our stuff in the trunk. So we did, except for the Champaign, which we held close at hand. 🙂 The limo driver helped us in the limo and asked us if we knew where we were going. We looked at him funny. He asked where the bride was. We said in the Rolls in front of him. So he goes, “ok I guess I’ll just follow them”. We looked at him funny again. But in the car we went and off to the church. When we pulled up to the church the driver of the Rolls came over to our limo and said that we had to get out b/c it wasn’t our limo. Apparently that limo was for the bride that we had passed in the lobby. And we felt a little bad, after laughing about it. Then we realized that in our haste to get out of the high jacked limo we had left the Champaign behind. Of course that’s when our real limo driver told us “Don’t worry there are 3 bottles in your limo.” Yeah! So guilt aside and half an hour early for the wedding, I know what bride is ever half an hour early; we commenced to help the bride pace off her nervousness!

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