No more excuses

13 Oct

I have always wanted to buy a kayak. Is this because I just really like the way that it would look on top of my jeep? Oh yes I can be that shallow. Or do I want to be the kind of person that owns a kayak, and lives one of those lives where you can just jump in the river any time? I never really knew the answer to that question. I have kayaked a couple of times and loved it. Always saying afterwards, why don’t we do that more often? Of course my older brother telling me stories about snakes dropping out of trees onto unsuspecting kayakers is a little frightening. I really don’t like snakes. But I have always given myself the excuse, “well what would you do with a kayak?” (Besides being so proud of it on top of the Jeep?) “You don’t even know anywhere to use it.” Oh and yes I do talk to myself like that. 🙂 And then this weekend I found it. The most perfect place to drop your kayak in the water, forget that the rest of the world beyond the water, your kayak and the trees (and yes forget about the snakes) exists. I have large creeks/small rivers running through my town and I have always said wouldn’t they be wonderful to kayak down. But there are lots of very well posted signs for no kayaking because of random damns.

Well we found a park at the edge of my town. You have to walk/drive through town to get to it, and it really is hard to find, but we found it by accident. Isn’t that always the way though? Just when you aren’t looking for something, you find it. It had two beautiful playgrounds for the kids, baseball fields and basketball courts. And while we are playing on the playground, and oh yes while I still have full function in all my limbs I play too, I heard a waterfall in the background and noticed a bridge. So we went adventure seeking. It turned out to be a damn, surprise surprise! But we kept following the trail, around more baseball fields, and saw what we thought was the beginnings of a trail into the woods. Well on further investigation, the trail turned out to be a kayak starting point. And while we were very disappointed that that meant the end of our adventure, YEAH kayaking!

So now I no longer have an excuse. It is time for me to purchase a kayak. Probably two since my husband is going to want to go too. Course it’s going to have to wait till spring now, because I am not a polar bear. But just imagine how good my Jeep is going to look. 🙂

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