A short pause.

09 Oct

I am thoroughly enjoying my weekend off of craziness. Well weekend is being generous. Yesterday my husband and I had to install a new toilet due to a leak, resulting in a ceiling full of water. So today while I was helping my brother and soon to be sister-in-law put together their wedding programs, my husband and father-in-law got to replace the wet ceiling. Fun times! But tonight was Chinese delivery and some much needed tv time to catch up on all of the shows taped on my DVR. And believe it or not I actually don’t have any plans for tomorrow. How exciting. 🙂 I believe I hear a trail in a park nearby calling my name.

Of course this nice relaxing weekend is going to be followed by a very crazy week of running around. I am a little nervous about all of the driving. My eyes seem to behave the best in the morning. However, I have major highways and unknown addresses, at all times of the day, in my future. But after all is said and done we will be celebrating my little brother’s wedding. That is going to be a lot of fun. Besides the fact that it will be an evening without the kids (I love them but I also value my sanity), I don’t have to drive anywhere. Thank god for shuttles to hotels. It will be a nice intimate affair, only about 75 people, mainly immediate family. So there will be much drinking, dancing and frivolity.

On previous posts; I am working on avoiding stressful situations. When I told my mother that I am supposed to do that she said good luck, because you create stressful situations. Which is part true, part I think that they follow me around like a sad lost puppy. Also, I found some support groups. I am going to check one out in a week and see how that goes. I still have to bring my husband in for therapy and see what my therapist has to say to him. It’s part of the “this affects everyone around you not just you” thing that everyone keeps talking about. And maybe I’ll get to start screaming soon.

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