Life goes on.

20 Sep

Ok so having a cold, while being on Steroids and everyone else in the house has the same cold I hosted a bachelorette party. Yeah that went well. They say that going to the spa is supposed to distress. Well I have to say that when you have real problems that don’t just go away b/c you took a deep breath you can be stressed through any wonderful hot mitts, full body message. I now know this from experience. I do find it amusing however that I am still in denial. I got off the table, got dressed, left the room and was shocked when the world still looked out of focus. So ok yes I am going to seek counseling. 🙂 Everyone that I know has probably been secretly hoping that I would do this for years now. 🙂 Finally however, the insurance company is also in accord.  And I am going to have a really hard time not jumping on the couch screaming “Kill! Kill!” (For anyone that doesn’t know that is an Arlo Guthrie reference.) I did learn this weekend that while breathing doesn’t help so much, Tequila does! So with a freshly stocked liquor cabinet another week begins.

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Posted by on September 20, 2010 in Life with MS


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